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We operate based out of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC. Campbell River is gateway to many adventure rides on Vancouver Island. Talk about iconic gold river highway, twisty way to Port Alice, picturesque Telegraph Cove, and many, many more places. Pavement is not your cup of tea, let's get on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. Let's go through it all. North Island has best access to offroad motorcycle adventure riding. If you would like, we can go to the tip of the Island (Some of the best beaches) entirely on dirt and gravel roads. We explore remote communities, historical locations, nearby island, great viewpoints, caves, waterfalls and many more.

We have two Suzuki Vstroms (1050XT) available for guided motorcycle adventure tours. These are reliable, stunning, all-round machines that will take you to anywhere you would like to go. When you book your guided motorcycle adventure tour with us, we will take you on one of the available Vstroms.  We also have a Triumph Street Scrambler (900) and a Royal Enfield Classic (500). Vstroms and Street Scrambler are available for everyone to take for rental or guided motorcycle tours. Royal Enfield Classic is available only for veterans. 


We will let you know the trips that you may be able to take depending on the type of trip you booked. You can choose from the list or if you have anything specific trip in mind, you could let us know and if we can accommodate, we will. We also provide motorcycle rentals depending on the availability.

When you book a trip with us, we will take you to some of the best places Vancouver Island has to offer. We will plan your motorcycle adventure to go as smoothly as possible. To avoid any inconvenience, please make sure to read below information.

Before you can take the motorcycles, we will check to see if you have a valid motorcycle license and an approved helmet. If you need a helmet, please let us know when you are booking your trip, we will provide you with a helmet for a $15 fee. Our helmets also come with a Bluetooth communicator.

After checking your license, we will provide you with a credit card authorization,  liability waiver and rental agreement. You need to sign the liability waiver and the rental agreement before you can go on the motorcycles. You need to pay for the trip before the trip commencement. We also need a credit card to place a $1500 hold to cover for any damages. If there were no damages found after the trip, we will return your money. 

We try and accommodate most requests. If you need any help booking your trip, please let us know.


BC provincial parks on Vancouver Island. Most of these parks on the central and north Island are accessible.

North Island 1000

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